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Stop Using the Free POP/IMAP Email from Your Web Host & Switch to Microsoft 365

When you sign up for website hosting, you’ll usually get email accounts for your domain along with the hosting package for free. This can seem like a great deal, but if you’re using your web hosting service’s POP/IMAP email accounts for your business, you could be leaving your mail accounts at risk and hitting efficiency[…]

5 Security Tips for Microsoft 365 Business Accounts

Are you using your Microsoft 365 account “out of the box?” Meaning that you haven’t specifically changed any configurations for workflows or security. If so, you could be leaving your business data open to a breach because the platform doesn’t automatically default to the most secure security settings. Misconfiguration (or lack of[…]

Learn All About the Newest Microsoft 365 App – Microsoft Lists!

How many lists do you think you might use in your business processes? When we first hear the term “list,” we might think of a simple to-do list, but there are actually many other types of lists that North Texas businesses work with on a daily basis. There are lists for employee onboarding tasks, project […]

5 Helpful Things You Can Do in Outlook Besides Sending Email

Do you use Outlook mainly for email and keeping your calendar, and that’s it? If so, you’re missing lots of other productivity gems inside the app that can help you with several other work tasks. The most competitive companies are the ones that take full advantage of their digital tools to improve workflows and streamline […]

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