Stop Using the Free POP/IMAP Email from Your Web Host & Switch to Microsoft 365

When you sign up for website hosting, you’ll usually get email accounts for your domain along with the hosting package for free. This can seem like a great deal, but if you’re using your web hosting service’s POP/IMAP email accounts for your business, you could be leaving your mail accounts at risk and hitting efficiency[…]

5 Security Tips for Microsoft 365 Business Accounts

Are you using your Microsoft 365 account “out of the box?” Meaning that you haven’t specifically changed any configurations for workflows or security. If so, you could be leaving your business data open to a breach because the platform doesn’t automatically default to the most secure security settings. Misconfiguration (or lack of[…]

Preparing Your Technology Strategy for 2021

The last several weeks of the year are a planning time for many businesses. They want to go into the new year with a strategy that can sustain and expand their business success. This year has been a particularly challenging one, and also one where technology became even more important. UK businesses that had to […]

Internet Explorer 11 is Losing Teams & M365 Support Soon!

Internet Explorer was first introduced back in 1995, and since then, it’s been the browser of choice for many offices. But when Microsoft introduced Edge in 2015, it was clear that IE’s days were numbered. One of the first indicators that the browser is heading towards retirement is the upcoming loss of support from Teams […]

What Seasonal Phishing Scams Should We Watch Out For?

Phishing is a year-round activity for cyber criminals, and just like retailers, they take advantage of seasonal events. When fall hits and the holidays are just around the corner, there are certain types of phishing scams that begin hitting inboxes with a vengeance. Knowing what these are can help you avoid becoming a victim and […]

What is Email Authentication and How Can it Mitigate Phishing Attacks?

Phishing is one of those cybersecurity problems that continues to be a main cause of malware infections and data breaches. It just won’t go away and continually gets worse. In 2019, 65% of US businesses were the victim of a successful phishing attack, which is 10% higher than the global average. While companies can put in software-based […]

What is “Fileless” Malware & How Can We Stop It?

As antivirus and anti-malware solutions get more advanced, hackers look for new ways to get around them. Traditional antivirus scanning looks for malicious code in a file attachment or file that’s downloaded from visiting a malicious website. Once it sees the signature of malware code in the file it blocks and quarantines it. This type […]

How Can QoS Improve Your Company’s Internet Reliability?

If it seems like there are more devices fighting for bandwidth at your office, it’s not your imagination. Internet-connected devices have been multiplying at home and work, thanks to the popularity of Alexa, IP security cameras, and other smart gadgets. In 2018, the number of networked devices per person was 2.4, by 2023 that number […]

What Features Should You Look For When Choosing a VoIP Phone System?

The pandemic has changed a lot in the way that businesses in the UK and the rest of the world operate. Cloud technologies have become a necessity and remote workers are now commonplace, rather than being an anomaly. In fact, 77% of surveyed companies say that even after the pandemic is passed, they’ll have more employees working […]

Learn All About the Newest Microsoft 365 App – Microsoft Lists!

How many lists do you think you might use in your business processes? When we first hear the term “list,” we might think of a simple to-do list, but there are actually many other types of lists that North Texas businesses work with on a daily basis. There are lists for employee onboarding tasks, project […]

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